Our Services

As a leader in estate resolution and adult residential transition, as well as individual item representation Hampton House offers a number of services to solve the challenges that are faced by our clients. Whether one piece or an entire home. From down to street or Florida or Long Island, gain the advantage of Hampton House representing you.

Auction Services

  • Personal Property
  • Business Property
  • Real Estate

Appraisal Services

  • For insurance purposes
  • For estate settlement
  • For curiosity

Collection Evaluation

  • For division of a collection or property between heirs.
  • To assist in establishing a game plan for the future of the collection.
  • Areas of Frequent Concern Include – Coins & Currency – Stamps – Firearms – Jewelry – Sterling Silver – Art Work – Porcelain – Folk Art – Books – Antiques

Estate Sales

  • An in home alternative to auction.
  • Professional preparation of the residence.
  • Full staff monitoring during the sale.

General Auction Services

We also maintain a long listing of trades people that offer reliable services is areas that are not a part of the Hampton House scope, including:

  • Residence Clean Out – The value pieces have been removed; Family has the property they want – “What the heck do I do with the rest of this?” – Call Hampton House to discuss referrals to one of our vendors!
  • Repair of Structure – From plumbing to painting and all in-between.
  • Legal Representation – “I need an executor for my estate” – “I’ve just found out what it means to be the executor and I don’t want to do it!”
    Call Hampton House for recommendations!
  • Real Estate Representation – Agents who don’t just list but sell property
  • Shipping and Moving – “Aunt Sally want those five pieces in Texas by next Tuesday” – Call Hampton House to find out who can get that done.

If Hampton House doesn’t do it we can probably tell you who does!


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