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Amory LeCuyer – Owner, Lead Appraiser:

For the last 20+ years I have worked with hundreds of individuals, estates, and executors to resolve estates matters and consult on the disposition of thousands of pieces of personal property. In those 20 years the markets that my clients are experiencing have changed, in some cases dramatically. Also we continue to see a ever evolving method of bring family and estate pieces to market.

I have had a simple approach to the items Hampton House handles – The MORE EYES  I can Get on ANY Item the better off my client is. Two decades ago this resulted in establishing Hampton House as one of the first auction houses to introduce online, live internet bidding.This has resulted over the years with thousands of potential bidders seeing our clients property. In fact, at the start of 2020, before terms like COVID, pandemic, quarantine became part of our vocabulary Hampton House had made the determination to offer only online auctions or estate sales. This enabled us to still assist our clients with 28 auctions or sales. The recognition is also that 60% of all of our sales go to bidders outside of the state of Virginia, bringing higher results to our clients.

We have also seen a substantial shift in style of home decor, particularly in younger consumers. Creating a higher interest in maximizing the number of people seeing any item for sale. There is still large followings for jewelry, watches, artwork, firearms, sterling silver, collections such as coins, but also the unusual.

I have often said “ Anyone can pick our the five best pieces in any home – We’re good at picking out the next 95”

To continue to be an ever expanding company for our clients I became a certified personal and business property appraiser and have assembled a talented team of appraisers to meet the needs of the Hampton House client. Appraisals for insurance, estate settlement, IRS review, or just to make sure that “All of God’s children are treated equally”.


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