Transitions & Moving

Often referred to as “Down-sizing” – Hampton House takes a different approach. More and more adults are changing residential styles later in life – Individual residence to Condo – To Adult Community – To Assisted Living. – These “Transitions” can bring about the need to evaluate existing furniture and furnishings in light of the new living style. Items may need to be changed out in favor of pieces which make more sense or offer advantage to the new living style.

It is also during this time that clients frequently find out that the “Next Generation” is less infatuated with the items they may have treasured over a lifetime.

Hampton House is there to help. As one of the finest auction houses in Virginia our clients have had their treasures well represented when passing them along is not an option.

We work with some of the finest home organizers and movers and are happy to share our experiences with a client in identifying people or businesses to assist in the move process.

Just ask.

Upcoming Auctions

Jan 24 to Feb 2 - Hidenwood Estate Auction

Jan 25 to Feb 5 - Coin and Medallion Auction

Coming Soon - Estate Jewelry Auction

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