Estate Property

Dealing with estate property is one of the greatest challenges in reconciling a parent’s, relative’s or friend’s estate. Whether you are the executor, attorney, or bank trust officer, determining the value and disposition of personal property can frequently absorb more time and energy than any other portion of estate management.

Hampton House has the experience in guiding executors and heirs through the process, whether the goal is for property to move to the next generation, be sold to benefit the heirs of the estate, or, if need be, disposed of to prepare a residence for sale.

The real value of estate property can often be confusing for family members. Family lore and legend pertaining to a piece of property does not necessarily equate to financial value. Hampton House, with its over 25 years of experience can advise as to potentials and make the decision making process more complete and comfortable.

Statistics tell us that more time and expense are consumed in the management of the personal property than any other area of the estate. Let Hampton House and its affiliates work with you to reduce the stress of managing the personal property of an estate.


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