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Personal and business property is often a part of dealing with an estate and Hampton House offers the most comprehensive listing of appraiser s and disciplines to cover nearly every category imaginable.

Firearms, Antiques, Paintings, Jewelry, Coins & Currency, Collectibles, Sculpture, Porcelain, Glass, Automobiles, Machinery, Office Equipment, THE UNUSUAL – WE KNOW IT OR KNOW WHO DOES.

Whether the need is for a Fair Marke t Value to include in an estate filing for an attorney or the IRS


An Insurance Replacement Appraisal to find out what Grandma’s dining table was worth before the tree fell on it – Or the moving company destroyed it.


Because you are in the process of planning your estate and want to treat your children fairly.

There are good reasons to have an appraisal done and there are reasons not to have one done. Call Hampton House and we will be happy to guide you in the process and create a course of action to pursue.

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