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With hundreds of thousands of items managed every year Hampton House has become a leader in assisting individuals, estate attorneys, banks, trustees and heirs in working through and resolving issues surrounding personal and business property.

Value in the Hampton House approach has been of benefit to some of the most discerning clients up and down the East Coast.

Whether a seller pursues:

  • A sale by auction
  • A sale by estate sale
  • A sale by private placement
  • Or needs one of our other services to finalize, we stand ready to provide the experience that comes with over a decade of selling on behalf of others personal and business property

Remember - Hampton House only makes more if you make more first!

Hampton House has consulted with hundreds of families, executors, and trustees in the management of the property that an individual or estate has – Let us be a part of your planning – Simply call and discuss with us your need and let us advise you on how to proceed.

Even if you are still going through Mom and Dad’s home bringing in Hampton House personnel earlier in the process will reduce the chance of - “I had no idea that had value!” from occurring and the item getting thrown away or donated. Believe us this occurs every day in someone’s home, as evidenced by a recent pursuer of trash piles, who shared with us his discovery of $5000 in silver in the pile on the street. Don’t let that be you!

Frequently executors, trustees, and administrators of an estate are from another part of the country and worry about finding a firm that can help them manage an estate from a distance, Hampton House is both bonded and insured to be on the property of others and has a long list of references of satisfied clients to refer you to.

Estates are complicated. Even when they are relatively simple. Remember after dealing with personal matters the goals of managing an estate are – A. Extract value from that which has value and can benefit the estate or heirs – B. Minimize the expense of dealing with everything else. Hampton House helps you do just that.

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